We provide two different methods for producing the lacquer master discs used in the pressing plants to prepare the mother metals.

Generally, we order the cutting of the lacquer masters (based on digital or analogue masters) at Record Industry, our pressing plant partner. Record Industry is a prominent and renown entity in the European-based pressing industry since the 50s, and presently the best pressing plant of the continent, with professionals of great skill and experience.

Alternately, we can special order the cutting of the lacquer masters in Abbey Road Studios, England. This method is recommended when high-quality half-speed technology is required. Quality Vinyl Projects utilizes the skills of world-renown mastering engineer Miles Showell. In this case the verification by the client is based on listening to the acetate test disc of Abbey Road Studios, before the test pressings provided by Record Industry. The acetate master is almost the same as the lacquer used for pressing but 12” in diameter, therefore suitable for turntables (lacquer masters are 14”).