Half-speed cut at Abbey Road Studios by Miles Showell. THE OUTSTANDING NEW ALBUM FROM DJABE & STEVE HACKETT In 2016 the celebrated Hungarian group DJABE and acclaimed solo musician and former Genesis guitarist STEVE HACKETT spent a few days on the magnificent island of Sardinia. Near the Nostra Signore di Tergu cathedral they built a temporary recording studio in the priest’s house. The recordings went well, the artists were deeply inspired by the surroundings. The 3-day long improvised session was put into shape by Tamás Barabás, who later in Budapest produced a whole album from the multitrack tapes to create the album Life Is A Journey – The Sardinia Tapes. Issued in 2017 the album was greeted enthusiastically by fans and was acclaimed critically. Three years on from those initial recordings, DJABE returned to Sardinia once again and recorded some newly improvised sessions. They worked at the same location and recorded onto 24 track analogue tape. STEVE HACKETT later completed his parts in Budapest, before the mixing period, as his summer schedule did not allow free time to share the fresh Sardinian air with his DJABE friends. The final result is again unique. Line up: Tamas Barabas – bass guitar, guitar, synths; Steve Hackett – guitar; Attila Egerhazi: guitar, percussion;Áron Koós-Hutás – trumpet, flugelhorn; János Nagy – keyboards; Péter Kaszás – drums. percussion, vocal; Gulli Briem – drums (Floating Boat 2016) “BACK TO SARDINIA” is another splendid, serene musical experience, born out of the surroundings in which it was conceived and is the next stage of the very special musical journey of DJABE and STEVE HACKETT.

Djabe & Steve Hackett – Back to Sardinia (2LP)

Tamas Barabas – bass guitar, guitar, synths
Steve Hackett – guitar
Attila Egerhazi – guitar, percussion
Áron Koós-Hutás – trumpet, flugelhorn
János Nagy – keyboards
Péter Kaszás – drums, percussion, vocal
Gulli Briem – drums (Floating Boat 2016)


Side A
1. Back To Sardinia
2. Lonely Cactus
3. Happy Tergu

Side B
1. Lake By The Sea
2. Stones And Mirto
3. Girl In The Palau Woods

Side C
1. Walking Around
2. Flying Kites
3. Purple Dream
4. Dancing In A Jar

Side D
1. Cinquecento Fragole
2. Bottles In The Water
3. Floating Boat
4. You Can Run The Tape

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