Quality Vinyl Projects: Android / Djabe / Solati Album premiers and concerts

Budapest Jazz Club
2020. január 18., szombat, 17:00–22:00

Qualiy Vinyl Projects is the professional concept and service for the participants in the Hungarian music industry from Gramy-H record publisher.

This evening, three bands involved in the project will introduce their records on the stage of Budapest Jazz Club.

18.01.2020. 17:00 (Saturday)
Price: 4900 HUF
(There will be no tables in the concert hall this night. The seats may be occupied upon arrival.)

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The releases available in the GR1993 Records webshop.

East of Eden Revisited

Android - East of Eden Revisited LP

Táncolnak a kazlak
(3LP box set)

Djabe - Sheafs are Dancing (3LP set, Half-speed cut)


Solati Music - Debut (LP)