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Record Industry manufactures high-quality cover prints and offers creative ways of dressing up the final product. Quality Vinyl Projects is based on a pursuit of quality not only the audio experience but also considers the look and feel to produce a product of true premium level. We provide advice and Read more…
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Sales & marketing

Clients of Quality Vinyl Projects are also offered specialized marketing solutions by our very own label, especially in case of albums released by Gramy-H, ltd., on fields of media promotions and support for sales campaigns. We also have a nexus of wholesale and retail partners and provide direct sale methods.
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Recording and mixing

Low quality recordings and poor mix takes away any chance of an excellent final product right at the beginning. Therefore, QVP takes recording quality very seriously, be it either analogue or digital. In case of recordings provided by artists or labels are checked thoroughly and professional advice is given if Read more…
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Pressing process

We chose our current partner, Record Industry, based on our experience of many years in the pressing process. The records produced by the plant is always excels in quality. Besides the 140- and 180-gram vinyls alternate colours are also available.
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Acetate and lacquer master

We provide two different methods for producing the lacquer master discs used in the pressing plants to prepare the mother metals. Generally, we order the cutting of the lacquer masters (based on digital or analogue masters) at Record Industry, our pressing plant partner. Record Industry is a prominent and renown Read more…
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Analogue and digital master

Cutting must be based on a mastering excelling all analogue requirements. Our studio is equipped to verify the quality of the provided nasters and, if needed, a detailed expert’s report is handed to the provider with correction requests and recommendations. Alternatively, we can do the mastering process with the mixed Read more…